Importance of Grass-fed beef

Importance of Grass-fed beef

For all the health conscious people, products of cows which feed on grass are a boon. Whether it is the meat or the dairy product, such as cheese, milk, etc. all are really good for your fitness if the cow was fed with green grass, hay, and forage. If you do not agree with this, then scroll down to learn grass-fed beef benefits and how it is healthier than the conventional beef in long run, but before that, it will be good to throw some light on what grass-fed beef is.

What is grass-fed beef?

When you consume the meat of a cow which is fed on grass and the farm profusely with no grain, then, in reality, you take grass-fed beef. This beef is different from the meat of the cows that are fed from a feedlot and are given more of grain rather than the green food.

Benefits of grass-fed beef

Here, some of the important grass-fed beef benefits have been pointed out:

It is healthy

As it is a well-known fact that grass is the natural diet of the cows and so if the cows are grass-fed then they are healthier as they consume what they really want to eat.

Low in calories

The beef of a cow which has fed profusely on grass has a significantly low amount of fat and so this means that you consume meat which has low calories.

Great source of Healthy Fats

The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in grass-fed beef is really good for your health as it can help in reducing inflammation. This is something which makes you feel less guilty about cheating on your fitness diet.

Lower Risk of Heart Problems

The saturated fats present in the meat of cows which are grass-fed is less and that is why the chances of having heart disease are quite low.

Low-risk of getting sick

Mostly, the grass-fed beef is not only hormone-free but also antibiotic-free, which means that it lowers the risk of you getting sick, thereby making it a safer option with respect to the conventional beef.

Can also help Fight Cancer

The presence of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in grass-fed beef makes it a potential cancer fighter.

Good for the environment

If you care about your environment then you will be glad to know that production of grass-fed beef leads to the lower amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which makes it less harmful to the environment in comparison to the traditional beef.


If you are someone who has strives to eat healthy beef then definitely the aforementioned grass-fed beef benefits would have helped you understand why to select it.

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